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The Lord kept building up
during the pandemic

Annual Report - 2021

annual report 2021 1

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves;

ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice." 


Proverbs 31:8-9 NLT

Human Rejection

annual report 2021

The most vulnerable children are left behind in rejection and in dehumanizing circumstances because of their condition of Disabilities, Orphanhood and Extreme Poverty

Restoration of Dignity

 annual report 2021 3

Let’s embrace the children and develop their God-given infinite potential.

A human-connected child becomes a socialfunctional adult.

The Three Types of Needs

Each child has to overcome big challenges during their developmental stage; these challenges are way more difficult when they have a disability, face orphanhood, or live in extreme poverty in a third-world country. They suffer dehumanizing circumstances due to their conditions.

The three challenges are considerable but not impossible...

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annual report 2021 7

Sofía's Story

annual report 2021 8

Sofía is a cute and enthusiastic 10-year-old girl. She is in the third grade and loves to participate the whole time during class. With the help of her mother, she sings and teaches new songs to her classmates.

When she was two years old, the family got involved in a car accident. It was a terrible situation since other family members got affected as well.

Unfortunately, little Sofía’s damage was the worst. She was traumatized in her head, which caused her to suffer brain atrophy and low vision.

Sofía started going to the Therapy and an adapted Educational program that we support in a partnership with Fundal.

Due to the pandemic, an innovative virtual platform has been created so she and her other peers can interact despite their inclusion needs (as students with deafblindness and multiple disabilities).

She is in a program designed according to the unique needs of each student with activities that promote meaningful learning.

Her entire family cares about her well-being. They have an established and structured routine at home, which has contributed to her progress in several developmental areas:

She has greater strength to support herself in the seated position concerning physical mobility. In communication, she uses an alternative communication system with pictures and objects to communicate her needs.

The three types of needs are met in Sofía's life.

2021 Highlights

annual report 2021 9

You were not in person, but you were present in 2021
you for your prayers and generous support

Los Gozosos protection home
Building project

annual report 2021 10

Los Gozosos protection home is located in Chimaltenango, 35 miles away to the west of Guatemala City. They expanded their facilities with a grant of USD $50,000.00


Human Rejection:

The children live in Los Gozosos due to a court order because they were being harassed in their houses. It is the home of 25 children who have multiple and severe disabilities.

Restoration of Dignity:

  • Affection Needs: Care methodologies, Christian values, and devotionals.

  • Specific Needs: Language and physical therapies as needed per child. Medicine for unique cases.

  • Essential Needs: Food, education, basic health, and medicine.


annual report 2021 11
annual report 2021 12
annual report 2021 13

With God's favor and your generous support, we disbursed USD $319,644 to cope with the three types of needs:

Affection Needs,

Specific Needs and

Essential Needs.

Manantial de Vida
New Care Center

annual report 2021 14

Manantial de Vida Care Center is located in zone 7 of Guatemala City. We care for the children and their families that live and work in the garbage dump.

Human Rejection:

A total of 325 children attend our programs in this center. The children are rejected by society due to their condition of extreme poverty.

Restoration of Dignity:

In 2021, with a USD $50,000 grant, a new Care Center was built to provide for the three types of needs.

  • Affection Needs: Christian values and devotionals.

  • Specific Needs: Provision for specific situations - the loss of one of the parents and emergency relief

  • Essential Needs: Food, education, basic health, and medicine.


Equipment for the New Building 

annual report 2021 15
annual report 2021 16
annual report 2021 17

With a Gift of $5,000, the Lord allowed us to provide new equipment in the new facilities. With these new items, more than 200 children will be served.

HUGS community launch

annual report 2021 18

G2G Network launched HUGS community in 2021 as a STRATEGY for reaching the most vulnerable children more directly and effectively.

HUGS community came to light after a two-year process of reviewing the theory, practices, and work model implemented in the first 5 years of Generation to Generation Network.

The launch of HUGS community is one of the important achievements of 2021.

G2G Network will continue as a 501c3 nonprofit in the United States using HUGS community as a “Doing-business-as” (DBA).


6,000 Pairs of New Shoes

annual report 2021 19
annual report 2021 20
annual report 2021 21

A total of six thousand pairs of new shoes were distributed among the children we serve and their families.

Journey of Empowerment

annual report 2021 22

Along with our brothers and sisters of Global Trust Partners (GTP), the Journey of Empowerment (JOE) was shared with 20 local leaders. It was a three-day retreat in Antigua Guatemala for Directors and Leaders to Equip them with values: Humble Service, Accountability, and Transparency.


The common point of those 20 ministries is serving the most vulnerable children first.

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