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Choosing a school should be a simple and happy task for parents.

But for Juan Diego's parents' case, the experience was disappointing and traumatic.

Juan Diego was born in 2011. He is a happy kid, very confident and creative, a little joker, and restless most of the time.

His family path has not been easy. For the first two years of his life, he didn't speak or make any noise, which was difficult as the hearing tests didn't detect any deficiency. He was diagnosed with Autism when he was a year and ten months old. That changed the future that his family had dreamed of.

His mom was in anguish when thinking about the future and considered all the extra attention, time, and expenses they would have to deal with. Being part of a society and culture without knowledge or interest in learning about Autism would make things even harder.

Juan Diego was rejected in many private and public schools. They were not capable of having a child with autism. Each rejection caused pain in his parents' hearts.

Finally, they found AGUA, where they were supported and taken care of. The therapy and support from AGUA have been essential for Juan Diego to adapt to a regular educational environment.

Since 2014, when Juan Diego joined AGUA, he has learned many things he could not do. Now, he can follow instructions, speak more fluently, pay attention for more extended periods, eating alone, personal hygiene, etc. His improvement is evident and massive.

To date, Juan Diego has been accepted into a regular school with the companion of a therapist from AGUA. He has taught the whole family to see the world entirely differently. Juan Diego and his family have now begun to pick up their dreams back again.

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