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(Trust-Based Relational Intervention)

TBRI® with the children:

is an evidence-based approach designed to help children of all ages who have experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, or difficult early life experiences. This approach focuses on building trust, promoting healthy attachment, and addressing the specific needs of these children. 

Key components of TBRI® include empowering the child by giving them choices and a sense of control, providing routines and structure to create a sense of safety, and teaching the child self-regulation skills to manage their emotions and behaviors.

TBRI® with parents: 

Parents learn to recognize and respond to their child's cues in a sensitive and supportive manner. They are encouraged to establish secure attachments with their child, building trust and connection. TBRI® emphasizes the importance of meeting the child's physical, emotional, and relational needs consistently and responsively.

The approach involves empowering parents by teaching them effective discipline techniques, promoting healthy boundaries, and providing structure and routine. It also emphasizes the importance of self-regulation, both for the parent and the child, by teaching strategies to manage stress, emotions, and behavior healthily.

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